You Already Know How to Be Great—A Simple Way to Remove Interference and Unlock Your Greatest Potential

Alan brings a groundbreaking approach to performance improvement—an approach to achieving optimal performance that focuses on removing interference and not adding knowledge. This approach is represented by the formula:

Performance (P)=Capacity (C)-Interference (I)

Interference is the barrier(s) that keep people from doing their best stuff

True potential is realized when individuals and teams begin applying their existing knowledge in their actions to achieve greatness. Once interference is reduced or removed, people are freed up to use their full capacity resulting in performance breakthroughs.

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alan fine

Great results are as simple as 1, 2, 3

During his workshops and keynotes, Alan shows people how to unlock greatness using three concepts and application models:

  1. Build Engagement with Faith, Fire, and Focus
  2. Create Accountability with SayDoCo
  3. Achieve Execution with the G.R.O.W.® Model

These practical concepts and their simple application are the keys to helping individuals and organizations build greater engagement, create more accountability, and achieve consistent execution; and that's what drives improved business results.

From the boardroom to the assembly line floor, Alan is helping individuals, teams, and organizations attain performance breakthroughs at every level.