And thank you for joining thousands who are achieving breakthrough performance through the InsideOut Approach. No matter your industry, job title or responsibility, the InsideOut Approach can help strengthen your Faith, Fire and Focus, overcome interference and accomplish greatness!

The You Already Know How to Be Great book community has been around for many years and has provided readers additional examples, exercises and tools to further explore the content in each chapter. Unfortunately, it is time for the book community to close.

Even without the book community, readers can still gain additional insight and personal applications by going through the Reflective Questions at the end of each chapter. I would encourage you to do this and see how you can further apply the InsideOut Approach. I have also included links to our most popular tools from the community. The tools will help you conduct effective performance conversations using the GROW Model. Those conversations can be with yourself, with a co-worker or a team. And of course, you're welcome to follow along on Twitter or LinkedIn as I continue to share insight on the InsideOut Approach, coaching, performance and more.

My best to you on your journey.


alan fine